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Showing how listening to surrounds scannings can help you train in localizing. The same sound, encoded using a B&K 4128c dummy, is played every 10 degrees in a horizontal plane. Loop play the sounds, select another sound in order to accustom your brain to this alien HRTF. (Following soon or see the french version) Firt […]

Feichter Audio

Feichter Audio is the new brand expert in the designing and manufacturing of 3D audio equipment. Discover now M1, a miniature microphone for closed ear canal measurement of HRTF, and S2/D8, a 64 headphones high quality distribution system (with PCM 24/96 and automatic diagnosis).

Projection simulator

Which focuses on visualizing how audiovisual virtual sources due to a binaural recording are projected in a performance hall for each everyone in the audience. This tool allows simulation of a complete configuration (as yet, manual available only in French, contact us if you need assistance). (Following soon or see the french version) Version Mac […]

Collective playback

In order to meet our own needs in terms of high-quality collective playback, we had Feichter Electronics develop a unique system, currently marketed : the S2/D8 network. To be discovered here in English. (Following soon or see the french version)

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