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Once again, I was able to enter the landscape. I had the opportunity to come back to the sound to say something about a region where picture doesn’t have much to show. Sound engineer and writer, I went there to record the marks of an event with a now subterranean course.

The Moyak Experiment

Collage of clips from the show, on the opening scene’s tempo. And with the video, click here. [display_podcast] With the voices of Morgan Touzé, David Kleinman, Alfred Tomosi, Enora Le Voyer, Virginie Sabis et Andréa. Music : Christophe Ruetsch. The Moyak Experiment is named after its inventor, Ernest Moyak, a Franco-Turkmen engineer born in 1979 […]

Magic is useless

On the occasion of a trip to the south of France in 2004, I noticed certain quirks amongst the ordinary (someone slipping through the window of a moving train in order to smoke outside, a car slowly sinking into the asphalt of a mountain road, a church being watched by two cats, etc.). My notes […]


[Parade] brings together inside your headphones during 20 minutes : – a) the eponymous Illuminations poem through which Rimbaud straddles a dash – b) the open damaging of various pieces of furniture – c) an application letter to the Moyak Experiment, psychotic interview for a job in an irradiated zone (New Colonial Agency, around 2015)

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