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Once again, I was able to enter the landscape. I had the opportunity to come back to the sound to say something about a region where picture doesn’t have much to show. Sound engineer and writer, I went there to record the marks of an event with a now subterranean course.

The Moyak Experiment

Collage of clips from the show, on the opening scene’s tempo. And with the video, click here.

With the voices of Morgan Touzé, David Kleinman, Alfred Tomosi, Enora Le Voyer, Virginie Sabis et Andréa. Music : Christophe Ruetsch. The Moyak Experiment is named after its inventor, Ernest Moyak, a Franco-Turkmen engineer born in 1979 […]

Magic is useless

On the occasion of a trip to the south of France in 2004, I noticed certain quirks amongst the ordinary (someone slipping through the window of a moving train in order to smoke outside, a car slowly sinking into the asphalt of a mountain road, a church being watched by two cats, etc.). My notes […]


[Parade] brings together inside your headphones during 20 minutes : – a) the eponymous Illuminations poem through which Rimbaud straddles a dash – b) the open damaging of various pieces of furniture – c) an application letter to the Moyak Experiment, psychotic interview for a job in an irradiated zone (New Colonial Agency, around 2015)

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