Equalizing dummy heads

Which contains particulars about the equalization of binaural recordings (so as to make them sound neutral).

(Following soon or see the french version)

AES 2016

With an S2/D8 system and a hundred pair of Ultrasone HFI580 headphones, the Agence Du Verbe as equiped the 140th AES Convention for its binaural listening program in Paris, 4-7 June 2016

An english version of the audio presentation of our work is available here.

Front-back confusion

In which is explained why we frequently don’t hear the sources in front of us when listening to binaural recordings.

(Following soon or see the french version)

Feichter Audio

Feichter Audio is the new brand expert in the designing and manufacturing of 3D audio equipment.
Discover now M1, a miniature microphone for closed ear canal measurement of HRTF, and S2/D8, a 64 headphones high quality distribution system (with PCM 24/96 and automatic diagnosis).

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