[Parade] brings together inside your headphones during 20 minutes :
– a) the eponymous Illuminations poem through which Rimbaud straddles a dash
– b) the open damaging of various pieces of furniture
– c) an application letter to the Moyak Experiment, psychotic interview for a job in an irradiated zone (New Colonial Agency, around 2015)

New Colonial Agency believes it unnecessary to go to Mars to prepare for deteriorated living conditions and wishes to launch on planet earth the responsible evolution experiments capable of bringing together peoples and nations under the banner of hope and progress.

NAC thinks that most people would be happy to fulfill themselves by exploring new ways for humanity. NAC is betting that the world contains enough goodwill and volunteers to start something new, and quite enough places too.
NAC revamps the old terra nullius principle : the States don’t know what to do with their accidents : New Colonial Agency buys them. It’s time to step into the future once again. Nuclear accidents give us a chance to be ahead of them. We have a future. Let’s embrace it.

2013, 20’00

With Morgan Touzé (the announcer), Alfred Tomosi (the soul), Pascal Rueff (the candidate), Eric Nathié, Patrick Lizana, Mickaël Lemare, Laurent Feichter et Jean-Luc Le Meur (the big guys)
Music : Christophe Ruetsch / Iranian daf : Gaëtan Samson

Coproduction Elektrophonie & L’Agence du Verbe / Diffusion Juste Ici