[Childhood #5] brings together inside your headphones during 20 minutes :
– the Illuminations poem through which Rimbaud prays that a tomb should be rented to him
– the recording «as if you were there» of the vault’s atmosphere (twenty-six years after it was discovered)
– an audio description of the tour by a regular visitor.
– a big guy wearing boots

I started keeping company with Rimbaud in Besançon, around 1986. I bought the paperback I’m still carrying about from a second bookseller of the Battant district.
I remember hanging a good deal with him at the time. Without talking much in fact, as I remember that mostly, I didn’t know what to tell him.
It was unpleasant.
Nevertheless, all these hours spent on the island of the Republic bridge must have left a potential weird place. As years went by, besides Rimbaud’s maimed figure, there I stored a Limousin clock, a small tin box more or less capable of opening doors, a helpless soviet underground unable to resurface and apparently doomed to wander below the city.