For public listening applications in high quality audio, we can supply :

  • 2 S2/D8 Feichter Audio complete systems
  • Up to 160 Ultrasone HFI580 headphones

Regarding production, also available for rental :

  • binaural recording systems (2x KU100 Neumann, 1x HSUIII Head Acoustics equiped with short version 4006 DPA)
  • and their accessories (windscreens, hanging arm, stands, stereo cables)
  • on-stage wireless stereo monitor systems (Shure)
  • noise cancelling headphones (Bose)

Apart from binaural production, we also have some more or less unusual acoustic sensors :

  • 1x pair of Aquarian hydrophones
  • 1x DolphinEar hydrophone
  • 1x pair of Ischell contact microphones
  • 1x pair of Lom electromagnetic sensors
  • 1x Rode first-order ambisonic microphone 
  • 4x  DPA 4003 omnidirectional microphones (130 V)

Please contact us for rental prices.

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