Training ?

Showing how listening to surrounds scannings can help you train in localizing. The same sound, encoded using a B&K 4128c dummy, is played every 10 degrees in a horizontal plane. Loop play the sounds, select another sound in order to accustom your brain to this alien HRTF.

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Binaural ?

Binowhat ?

The term applies to the functions fulfilled by our two ears (“bi-aural”).
It accordingly calls to mind the natural hearing function of any animal equipped with a two-ears perception system (but then I don’t know if there is such a thing as non-binaural auditory system in the normal-hearing animal Read more…

Equalizing ?

Which contains particulars about the equalization of binaural recordings (so as to make them sound neutral).

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Variation de la réponse en fréquence en fonction de l’azimut (sur le plan horizontal) pour une même source large-bande sur un mannequin Kemar (en rouge, l’oreille gauche, Read more…