As a tribute to the Shelburn resistance network (1944), the Lanvollon-Plouha Community has decided to unwind a poetic audio tour along the coastal walks of the Cochat cove.

The production was entrusted to Pascal Rueff and implements the Chimera visit device (3D sound on headphones and GPS-controlled script). The visit is bilingual (FR/EN) and the appliances are available to the public at the tourist information centre of Lanvollon-Plouha. The average tour lasts 1h30.

“When I arrived in Plouha I knew nothing about the Shelburn network. Discovering a story through an audiovisual medium usually means receiving a narration supported by words, music, possibly sound. Here, we’re talking about something different. Two hours later, leaving the Bonaparte beach, I hadn’t listened to an account, I had lived a chapter of history. The work of Pascal Rueff creates a disturbing sensory experience.”

Xavier Gibert, France Médias Monde – RFI

Text & sound design : Pascal Rueff
With Morgan Touzé and Patrick Lizana
Music : Christophe Ruetsch
Software : Christophe Baratay
Hardware : Maël Bellec (Sonj) & Feichter Electronics
Production L’Agence du Verbe

Durée variable (90 minutes en moyenne), versions française et anglaise

Production L’Agence du Verbe

The Shelburn Escape – Excerpt / Instructions (EN)
L’évasion Shelburn / Mines (EN)
L’évasion Shelburn / The Spy (EN)
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