Binaural listening using headphones is an eminently personal experience. Yet, it is compatible with collective listening,  as if sharing a dream.

The Binaural Lounge is a collective listening set-up. Originally devised for the performance of The Isle of T., it allows an audience of some forty people to listen to binaural productions in excellent conditions (master audio quality, high quality headphones)

During the summer (since 2014), collective listening sessions are offered at people’s places or in welcoming cultural venues, around Pascal Rueff’s productions native binaural.  
Two productions of about 20 to 25 minutes each are offered, with an interlude in between to share a glass. The audience are comfortably seated, outdoors if the weather’s fine. The productions are introduced by the producer. Contribution can be voluntary (hat) or fixed but modest. 

The productions (depending on the places)

I f you’re interested in hosting the Binaural Lounge, please contact our station.

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