90 minutes in the Archipelago of T., improbable territory, 32 people kitted out with headphones, a couple calling the shots, live binaural sound and lthe backgrounds collected in the silences of T.

“The Isle of T.” Intertwines recordings made in the north of Ukraine and a text, spatialized live by a binaural recording device. 

Written by Pascal Rueff, voiced by Morgan Touzé, Alfred Tomosi, Sacha and Pascal Rueff, sound designed by the Abécédaire de T. (3D audio).

Read the full text of the performance (in French).

Read the La Griffe article, (in French).

To find out more about The Isle of T. on Radio Tchernobyl.

With :
The support of Tchernobserv, artist residency in Volodarka (Ukraine)
In league with Yann-Dominique Bégault (Yes Audio, Le Havre), Rozenn Nicol (Orange Labs R&D engineer, Lannion) and the contribution of JukeBoxLtd
The trust of Antoine Choplin (Scènes Obliques, Les Adrets)
The soups of Ніна Федосівна Блішун, in Volodarka.

Binaural recording, sound design, stage set-up : Pascal Rueff
Harp : Morgan Touzé
Technical support : Mael Bellec (Sonj) and Christophe Baratay
Graphic objects : Arnaud Gautron
Audio equipment : Yann-Dominique Bégault
Black and white photo : Brice Maire

The Isle of T. Is played on UltraSone HFI580 headphones.

Production L’Agence du Verbe

L’Île de T. -Excerpt – FR
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