The advertisement for the Moyak Experiment, a live performance using only binaural sound, outlines the sort of production we make.

Photo © Fabien Lainé The Moyak Experiment – Teaser – FR

Cry Baby Cry

What’s the point of binaural sound ?
What may be the purpose of staging the acoustic reality ?
3D-radio makes its contribution (to parents’ training).

Warning : given the global overpopulation, 3D-radio doesn’t encourage procreation.

Cry Baby Cry (EN)

AES 2016

With an S2/D8 system and a hundred pair of Ultrasone HFI580 headphones, the Agence Du Verbe as equiped the 140th AES Convention for its binaural listening program in Paris, 4-7 June 2016

An english version of the audio presentation of our work is available here.

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