A collective experiment

In early 2019, the festival Longueurs d’Ondes had allowed us to organise a free workshop in Brest offering a beginner’s course in binaural recording. Feichter Audio was providing some ten kits, including a pocket-size stereo recorder and an M2 system. Our purpose was to give radio professionals the opportunity to have a go at individual recording. 

The interest shown by everyone in Brest was proof enough that the idea was worth pursuing. We thought about it and came up with the concept of a collective summer residency during which we could experiment around radio creation.

Already convinced (since the Summer 1347 adventure) of binaural’s relevance when it comes to telling « reel » stories, the town council of La Roche-Jaudy decides to play along. The production team are given a free hand to organise an 8 days residency and work as they wish across the territory. 

The municipality provides meals and accommodation  for the trainees, as well as a dedicated workroom. Feichter Audio supplies us yet again with recording kits and the Agence du Verbe takes on the coaching. The training course is absolutely free for the trainees. Under the benevolent eye of Rozenn Nicol, who sponsors the whole operation, there are ten of them in this early summer 2019.  

At the end of the course, a collective listening of the production is offered in a large room equipped with 120 headphones. After which, the sequences are posted on the internet via the interactive map La Récolte, launched by L’Image Qui Parle.

Failing your A levels by 0,05 points, by Mélanie Yvon, Hélène Carbonel and Sabine Cros
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