Here, a long term study, both production laboratory and preservation of intangible heritage. It concerns the Guingamp-Paimpol railway line, in the Côtes d’Armor.

It all begins in 2016, with no blueprint whatsoever, around an audio marker that’s impossible to miss : a train horn, always heard from a distance and Read more…

Summer 1347

Long war…

We’re in 1347, Around June 20.

Summer is here and human beings are sending each other to kingdom come. Two pretenders to the Dukedom of Brittany are fighting, and through them, so are England and France. Two wars will be coexisting : the war of succession and the Read more…

The Shelburn escape

As a tribute to the Shelburn resistance network (1944), the Lanvollon-Plouha Community has decided to unwind a poetic audio tour along the coastal walks of the Cochat cove.

The production was entrusted to Pascal Rueff and implements the Chimera visit device (3D sound on headphones and GPS-controlled script). The visit Read more…

Waves of war

Waves of war is a 24 minute drama created for the visit of an underground room known as “the german war hospital” in Fécamp.
There are few data available, a guide goes through a list of hypotheses.

It’s been open to public « Under headphones » visits since April 2012.
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Produced by Elektrophonie, with support Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Master Image & Son, Brest.

2009, 15’00 (linear version), 180’00 (Chimera version)
Initial release : [Nuit Bleue], Elektrophonie, le 11 juillet 2009

With :
– Morgan Touzé, voice
– Erwan Burban, trumpet & horn
– Tali Serruya, Charlotte Loinard, Anais Cabarat, Thibault Dupperon, Claire Dutilleul, Read more…