On the move for the Festival Bien Urbain, Besançon

In summary

Parade brings together inside your headphones during 20 minutes :
– the eponymous Illuminations poem through which Rimbaud straddles a dash
– the open damaging of various pieces of furniture
– an application letter to the Moyak Experiment, psychotic interview for a Read more…

Childhood #5

[Childhood #5] brings together inside your headphones during 20 minutes :
– the Illuminations poem through which Rimbaud prays that a tomb should be rented to him
– the recording «as if you were there» of the vault’s atmosphere (twenty-six years after it was discovered)
– an audio description of the tour by Read more…

Quantum trains

Drowsiness, surfacing in trains crossing France west to east.
Reality worms its way into the sleeper’s, blending with memories.

2007, 25’00

Production L’Agence du Verbe / Diffusion Elektrophonie [Nuit Bleue 2007]

Quantum trains – excerpt – FR

After the flood

Inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s poem and built on the backbone of a lift recorded in the outskirts of Minsk, [After the flood] explores a number of wet storeys.
[After the flood] is the first part of a series devoted to 9 of the Illuminations poems by Arthur Rimbaud.

2010, Read more…

East Gardens

A computer surveillance system reassigned to a virtual archaeological park, a female guide with a strong accent, the tour of a devastated site-a long time ago- by nobody knows what: you are in the [East Gardens], a “thing” powered by ArcheologSystem.

2008, 21’00
Avec Morgan Touzé (la guide) et “M” (robot Read more…