Rêvoir (a place to dream)

Come and dream together.

Contains 7 7-minute dreams, guaranteed 97% natural (first choice pieces of the world, 3% technical additives, 0% blah)
This product is crafted from pure narrative frames extracted from authentic dreams without head or tail, processed with native first cold-pressed binaural.
It unleashes gripping imagery, couldn’t be more true to life atmospheres and provides bluffing and varied sensations (even to the hardened).

Voice-over and dream creature: Morgan Touzé
Designed and assembled in Brittany by Pascal Rueff, expert in sound illusions.
For listening lounge under headphones, between friends, neighbours, Aliens, from 10 years old.
Net duration 1h15; battery-operated; from 8 to 160 dreamers; modest price

Our headphones are disinfected and returnable.
To be enjoyed with your blanket and pillow.
May contain traces of tension; no cases of anxiety have been reported.
No responsibility for personal quirks can be taken by either the producer or distributor.

Rêvoir 2022 – In all good creameries.

#01 Paimpol, L’Image Qui Parle, Sunday 23 January 2022, 4pm, for 40 dreamers (booking recommended)

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