Feichter Audio is the new brand expert in the designing and manufacturing of 3D audio equipment.

Feichter Audio is the pro audio brand of Feichter Electronics, a design office based in Lannion, Brittany. The company designs and prototypes all kinds of industrial boards and devices. The development of the audio branch is focused on 3D and especially binaural. Laurent Feichter is an optimistic and enthusiastic engineer, who gives himself time to do things right.

HRTF measurement

The M1 is a really miniature microphone for blocked ear canal HRTF measurement. The frequency response is equivalent to that of a DPA 4060 up to 10KHz. The microphones are supplied paired with high quality preamplification.

This is the model Orange Labs uses for its HRTF measurements in Lannion.

Headphones distribution

The S2/D8 broadcasting system that we had developed for our shows is now available in commercial version.

A complete system distributes to 64 headphones in 24bit/96KHz PCM with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio. The systems can be daisy-chained. An automatic procedure verifies that the connected headphones are functional.

Binaural recording

The M2 system is a pair of ergonomic microphones for native binaural natural head recording. The best solution for pocket recorders.

Connection to 3.5mm stereo jack (3-10V PIP power) or via adapter to two XLR3 (48V power).

Head Tracking

Attached to the headset’s headband, the T3 is a listener’s head movement tracking device for binaural synthesis applications.

Connected via Bluetooth or USB (wired), it allows the plug-in or binauralization software to be informed in real time about the axes of rotation of the head and to stabilize the sound scene: it becomes independent of the orientation of the listener’s head.

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