Badger Island

Chronicle of (good) neighbourliness

In these pages you can follow the exciting life of our neighbours.

The question of the day

The binaural system’s windproof hairs have a smell that draws what in your head?

Night of the deer

There are not so many elephants in our green countryside, or an equivalent to the elephant: in the large animal genre capable of producing more noise than we do. One month a year, there is the deer, whose bellow, a vital barking, crosses the forests.

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24h of the swallow

In front of a nest

Swallows nest in the garage and the attic (one nest downstairs on a floor beam, one nest upstairs on a roof beam). They come back every year. Eating our mosquitoes. All day the parents race into the garage to feed hungry offspring. It’s perfect.

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Once again, I was able to enter the landscape. Chernobyl revealed the full extent of this word to me. It brought me back to sound so that I could to tell something of a territory where picture doesn’t have much to show.

Electro-soviet isolator

Sound engineer and writer, I went back to Chernobyl Read more…