One head, two ears, three dimensions

The audible reality is a binaural program

Sound engineer and 3D audio producer, Pascal Rueff has been exploring
the narrative possibilities of sound immersion for 20 years

Our hearing is binaural : the revolution of 3D sound is actually bringing us back to natural listening. Through compelling audio illusions, one can reach out-o-the-way or long gone realities with incomparable sensation quality. If the ear goes back to being The reference, it is a challenging one, requiring a multidisciplinary expertise. How does binaural sound work, what are the conditions for its implementation, how does it impact the audience ?

As a sound engineer and director, I have been exploring binaural production for live performance and heritage for 20 years. In order to fully understand the implications, I work with the Orange Labs scientists, I’m an expert trainer at the french National Audiovisual Institute (INA) and I design dedicated equipment at Feichter Audio.

My creed : step into reality with simple headphones.

Headphone listening required on this website