This first series of tutorials concerns the binaural production of the cover of Teardrop (Massive Attack).

Subtitled in English

Episode 4 will be released on August11, 2021

Equipment Rental

For public listening applications in high quality audio, we can supply :

2 S2/D8 Feichter Audio complete systemsUp to 160 Ultrasone HFI580 headphones

Regarding production, also available for rental :

binaural recording systems3x KU100 Neumann1x HSUIII Head Acoustics equiped with DPA 4053 (4006 short version)M2 Feichter Audio, Ambeo Headset, DPA Read more…

Feichter Audio

Feichter Audio is the new brand expert in the designing and manufacturing of 3D audio equipment.

Feichter Audio is the pro audio brand of Feichter Electronics, a design office based in Lannion, Brittany. The company designs and prototypes all kinds of industrial boards and devices. The development of the audio Read more…

Projection simulator

Which focuses on visualizing how audiovisual virtual sources due to a binaural recording are projected in a performance hall for each everyone in the audience. This tool allows simulation of a complete configuration (as yet, manual available only in French, contact us if you need assistance).

(Following soon or see Read more…

Collective playback

In order to meet our own needs in terms of high-quality collective playback, we had Feichter Electronics develop a unique system, currently marketed : the S2/D8 network. To be discovered here in English.

(Following soon or see the french version)


Wherein we play a GPS-controlled script. Chimera is a double IT tool, composer and player, which can combine a map (or a bird’s eye view) with a complex path and binaural sound. The system is operational. See The Shelburn Escape.

(Following soon or see the french version)