A binaural cover of the famous Massive Attack track with Morgan’s voice.

This experimental production using binaural samples and various convolutions explores the value of a truly beautiful binaural sound in music.

We recommend that you start by listening to this sequence, before going on to watch the clip.
This version without images allows you to benefit fully from the sound immersion. The absence of moving images calls upon your own mental images: each one is his own. Thanks to this mental, automatic mechanism, the binaural production generates a personal, more intimate, more immersive version.

Credits :
Voice : Morgan
Editing, additional instruments : Killian Pavlik
Bass : Christophe Ruetsch
Mix, mastering : Pascal Rueff
Video editing : Killian Pavlik
Video production : Morgan, Killian Pavlik, Pascal Rueff

Production : L’Agence du Verbe 2021
Thanks to Justine Belot for her piano

The realization of this cover is associated with the Master 2 internship of Killian Pavlik, student in Master Multimedia of the University of Franche-Comté. The objective of the internship is to provide a synthesis of technical approaches available to music composers interested in binaural production.

In addition to the production of Teardrop, this 19-week internship produced a series of tutorials, online on July 15, and inaugurated an educational Youtube channel.

Subtitled in English

Episode 4 will be released on August11, 2021

Categories: Music