Wherein we play a GPS-controlled script. Chimera is a double IT tool, composer and player, which can combine a map (or a bird’s eye view) with a complex path and binaural sound. The system is operational. See The Shelburn Escape.

(Following soon or see the french version)


Produced by Elektrophonie, with support Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Master Image & Son, Brest.

2009, 15’00 (linear version), 180’00 (Chimera version)
Initial release : [Nuit Bleue], Elektrophonie, le 11 juillet 2009

With :
– Morgan Touzé, voice
– Erwan Burban, trumpet & horn
– Tali Serruya, Charlotte Loinard, Anais Cabarat, Thibault Dupperon, Claire Dutilleul, Read more…