Morgan sings about the western isles

Duig’s dream, the second album we produced together, was recorded with omni couples (one close, one far) in  reverberating acoustics. A given song in a given church, a second voice in this chapel and a third one in the Vauban Tower of La Hougue.

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Barrow-Madec-Turnbull Trio

A touch of experimental production with the electro-acoustic trio Alan Madec (accordion and effects), Joss Turnbull (Zarb and effects) and Loup Barrow (cristal Baschet and hang).

Photo Laurent Bomy

I had been looking for a team of musicians with whom I could explore live binaural. Which meant they would have Read more…

Eastbound self

Morgan sings her slavic repertoire.

The artist residencies we organised in Ukraine had one purpose :  allowing our guests to produce an artistic account, each through his own medium, of their experience in the contaminated lands. Their works have exceeded our hopes, notably with the very beautiful comic book of Read more…


The advertisement for the Moyak Experiment, a live performance using only binaural sound, outlines the sort of production we make.

Photo © Fabien Lainé The Moyak Experiment – Teaser – FR

Summer 1347

Long war…

We’re in 1347, Around June 20.

Summer is here and human beings are sending each other to kingdom come. Two pretenders to the Dukedom of Brittany are fighting, and through them, so are England and France. Two wars will be coexisting : the war of succession and the Read more…

Cry Baby Cry

What’s the point of binaural sound ?
What may be the purpose of staging the acoustic reality ?
3D-radio makes its contribution (to parents’ training).

Warning : given the global overpopulation, 3D-radio doesn’t encourage procreation.

Cry Baby Cry (EN)

AES 2016

With an S2/D8 system and a hundred pair of Ultrasone HFI580 headphones, the Agence Du Verbe as equiped the 140th AES Convention for its binaural listening program in Paris, 4-7 June 2016

An english version of the audio presentation of our work is available here.

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The Moyak Experiment

Collage of clips from the show, on the opening scene’s tempo.

With the voices of Morgan Touzé, David Kleinman, Alfred Tomosi, Enora Le Voyer, Virginie Sabis et Andréa. Music : Christophe Ruetsch.

Read the full text of the performance (in French).

new binaural trip

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On the move for the Festival Bien Urbain, Besançon

In summary

Parade brings together inside your headphones during 20 minutes :
– the eponymous Illuminations poem through which Rimbaud straddles a dash
– the open damaging of various pieces of furniture
– an application letter to the Moyak Experiment, psychotic interview for a Read more…

Orange – Airport

What’s the point of binaural sound ?
What may be the purpose of staging the acoustic reality ?
3D-radio makes its contribution (to translation).

A brief demo in english, arabic, spanish, polish, russian and french.

2012, 1’56
Prise de son et réalisation : Pascal Rueff
Avec Morgane Touzé, Hortense Desprez (EN), Mohamed Benjouad (AR), Read more…